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A marketing campaign, like any other campaign, e.g., military, business, sports, is comprised of three tiers: objective, strategy and tactics.

The objective is the broad goal. Strategy is the plan of action for achieving the goal. Tactics are the various steps you take to get there.

Successful marketing requires that you clearly define your objective, maintain focus on the strategy, and crisply execute the tactics. JITM delivers results that help you achieve your sales goals by developing sound strategy and deploying proven marketing methods to maximize return on investment. JITM services include:

Fills your pipeline with qualified sales prospects -- not suspects -- so AE's spend more time closing business and the sales cycle is shortened.
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Maximizes your exposure and participation at executive briefings, seminars and industry events by attracting qualified prospects who want to see and hear from you, first-hand.
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Arms your sales team with the sales tools and collateral to show a potential customer, "This is why I'm different, This is why I'm better".
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Provides a "marketing roadmap" that establishes, directs and coordinates your marketing efforts to achieve sales goals.
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Defines and establishes corporate and product identity - its unique selling proposition - with respect to the collective minds of your market, customers, partners and employees.
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