Getting the most from an event, whether an industry trade show or a company-sponsored educational forum or seminar, is one of the toughest challenges a company can face. You can't simply "show up and throw up" at an event. The investment -- both financial and your AE's time -- is too great. This is a sales opportunity. You must promote yourself before, during and after the event. Most importantly, you have to carefully target the prospects you most want to see. JITM's EventBuilder provides the strategy and turnkey event management to eliminate headaches, maximize your participation at the event, and keep your sales team focused on selling.

EventBuilder delivers the following:

  • Creation and management of seminars, business forums and executive briefings
  • Maximization of participation at industry events and trade shows
  • Audience acquisition strategy to determine "most wanted list"
  • Creation and implementation of invitations
  • Deployment of prospect correspondence using direct mail, e-mail or fax
  • Venue selection and on-site management
  • Management of guest registration
  • Creation of messages, themes and promotions
  • Preparation of event materials and handouts
  • Integration of campaign activities with existing campaigns
  • Campaign analysis and maximization

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